Faith Caplan, educator, working with students on Parallax BOE Bots How a Parallax “Featured Teacher” Runs an Intensive Robotics & Engineering Program

At Parallax, we have the opportunity to meet many educators who prepare students for extraordinary technical careers. Recently, Faith Caplan, a California CTE Educator and March “Featured Teacher,” brought her entire class to Parallax to take a tour and learn more about careers, programming, and commercial uses of microcontrollers—showing students real-world connections involving product development and inventions. 

Mrs. Caplan uses Boe-Bots purchased roughly 15 years ago. They’ve... More

Exploring the Top Six Educator Resources for Shield-Bot with Arduino

Parallax’s offers comprehensive wraparound support for the Shield-Bot for Arduino.

Many teachers lead 75-90 students/day through this course material. One of them is Faith Caplan, an engineering lead educator and CTE chairperson at Folsom Cordova Unified School District (next week’s Parallax Insider News introduces Mrs. Caplan’s program in more detail). Sometimes educators are surprised to learn of all of the resources we’ve made available for the Shield-... More

cyber:bot with python and microbit cyber:bot Brings Python Programming to Parallax's Educational Robots

There’s a new robot coming out from Parallax this March - the micro:bit cyber:bot! Click here for a quick look if you just can’t wait.

The micro:bit is a small, low-cost ($17) embedded computer with enough features to control a science fair project. Wireless communication and a bunch of programming tools make it fun for engineers, too.

... More

Cyber Weekend Sales Teaser Join in Parallax’s holiday fun with our Cyber Sale Weekend Deals!

Fill the holiday season with servos and circuitry, build a festive contraption, and learn robotics with Parallax. Create opportunities for robotic success in 2019 with the right parts, tutorials, and support from Parallax! Running from Friday, November 23rd until Sunday, November 25th at midnight (with an encore deal on Monday, November 26th), take advantage of our weekend steals and deals to restock your robotics workshop. Read below for FULL details!

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ActivityBot 360 in class Parallax is the Latest Certified Third-Party Curriculum Provider

The Parallax team is proud to announce that we are official third-party curriculum providers for For decades, we have prided ourselves on our open educational resources (OERs) to create more equitable access to computer science (CS) education. Parallax provides quality electronic products, coupled with unmatched customer support, thorough product tutorials, and creative project ideas to encourage the engineer in all of us to shine through. Along... More