Propeller C Quick Learner Kit

  • 910-32910: Propeller C Quick Learner Kit
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Product ID 910-32910


Excited to get started learning the multi-core Propeller in C but not sure where to start? This kit comes with the Propeller Activity Board and all the sensors and accessories you need to work through the Simple Circuits and Simple Devices tutorials in the Propeller C Learning System.

Key Features:

  • Discover how easy it is to breadboard circuits using an array of included LEDs, push buttons, 7-segment LED, servo motor and more.
  • Explore distance, tilt and acceleration sensing with the Ping))) Distance Sensor and Memsic Accelerometer
  • Program the board to process inputs from the Joystick
  • Learn how to play sound from the MicroSD card through the Veho Speaker

Note: All Simple Circuits and Simple Devices tutorials can be run from USB power except the servo tutorial. This requires an additional power source such as a 4-cell AA Battery pack (#700-00038), 5-cell AA Battery pack (#753-00007), 7.5 V 1 A Power Supply (#750-00009) or Li-ion Boe-Bot Power Pack-Charger (#28988).


Kit Contents:

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