HB-25 Motor and Mounting Bracket

  • 910-29144 HB-25 Motor and Mounting Bracket
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The Parallax HB-25 Motor Controller is our single best solution for DC motor control. This module is dependable and highly-compatible with any microcontroller that can generate a servo compatible pulse. In the simplest sense the HB-25 allows a DC Motor to be controlled much like a Continuous Rotation Servo. While the signals are compatible, the HB-25 does not require refreshing as a servo does; a single pulse can maintain the output.

Key Features:

  • Motor Size: 0.5 HP Max - No Minimum
  • Motor Supply: 6.0 VDC min - 16.0 VDC max
  • Load Current: 25 A Continuous 35 A Surge (13.8 VDC)
  • Standby Current: 50 mA @ 6 VDC; 80 mA @ 13.8 VDC (fan on)
  • PWM Frequency: 9.2 kHz
  • Pulse Input: 1.0ms Full Reverse, 1.5ms Neutral (off), 2.0ms Full Forward
  • Pulse Refresh Rate: Single Pulse Operation
  • Modes: Single/Dual Motor Control


  • Protection Circuits: Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Heating
  • Fault Reset: Automatic
  • Indicators: Power (green), Fault (red)
  • Fuse: Mini ATC Standard with (1) 25A Fuse Included 
  • Cooling: Forced Air - Ball Bearing Fan
  • Terminals: Screw Post at a 35 A Rating
  • A single BASIC Stamp port can control two HB-25 modules
  • Connector allows the ability to daisy chain up to two HB-25 modules
  • Weight: 2.5oz (71 grams)
  • Mounting: 2ea 6-32 screws on .800" centers