XBee USB Adapter Board

  • 32400: XBee Wireless USB Adapater Board
  • 32400: XBee Wireless USB Adapater Board
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This low cost XBee USB Adapter Board comes in a partially assembled kit form and provides a cost-effective solution to interface a PC or microcontroller to any XBee or XBee Pro module. The PC connection can be used to configure the XBee Module through Digi's X-CTU software.

This adapter board can provide an easy interface to the XBee or XBee Pro modules by converting the 2 mm pin spacing to breadboard friendly 0.100” spacing. The adapter board also provides a way to connect pluggable wires or solder connections and also provides mounting holes.

Key Features:

  • Provides an easy interface to configure XBee Modules using Digi's X-CTU software   
  • Converts XBee 2mm pin spacing to 0.100" pin spacing   
  • 4 status indicator LEDs for Power, RSSI, Associate and mode (sleep/ON)   
  • Provides easy pluggable wire or solder connections   
  • Includes mounting holes   
  • Pin-out compatible with our other XBee Adapter boards 



  • Voltage requirements: 5.0V from USB or VDD pin, 3.3V generated on-board
  • Current requirements: Varies with XBee Model
  • Communication: Serial pass-through to XBee module/USB to Host PC
  • Dimensions: 1.51 x 1.00 x 0.58 in* (38.3 x 25.6 x 14.8 mm*)  * when headers are attached
  • Operating temp range: -40 to +158°F (-40 to +70°C)

Kit Contents:

  • 1 - XBee Adapter Board PCB     
  • 2 - 10-pin 2mm sockets    
  • 1 - 40-pin SIP header (#451-04001)


  • The FAN2500S33X regulator used on Rev A of this adapter is rated at 100 mA continuous, 300 mA peak current. The regular XBee modules (802.15.4 and ZB) draw less than 55 mA, but XBee Pro modules can draw over 200 mA when in a continuous-transmit state. While this adapter board can supply enough current for the intermittent transmissions of XBee Pro modules typical to many common uses, applications requiring continuous, sustained transmissions from XBee Pro modules would be better suited to the XBee SIP Adapter (#32402), or the XBee Adapter Board (#32403) with an external regulator (not included).
  • Soldering assembly required. Tools Required: Soldering Iron, Solder, Flux, Diagonal Cutters or Hobby Knife and Saftey Glasses.
  • It is recommended that you have a USB A to mini B cable when using this product.  

Downloads & Documentation

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XBee USB Adapter Schematic - 38.51 KB | updated: 15 Jan 2014 - 3:40 pm
XBee USB Adapter Documentation - 1.03 MB | updated: 10 Dec 2013 - 3:57 pm

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