Jeff Martin demonstrates wireless programming Product Preview - Parallax is Demonstrating Wireless Programming of Propeller via XBee Wi-Fi

Parallax’s efforts to free users from the cord will be realized this Summer in the form of enhanced hardware and software. Soon, Propeller users will deliver applications to their Propellers wirelessly- performing development and testing in the same way they’re used to, but possibly from across the room, or further.

I’ve recently demonstrated the results of our work on this project, a wired prototype, and a final product concept to staff members and users alike. The latest work has... More

CMTA Parallax Manufacturing 2 Manufacturing Team Receives Award

Today Parallax was recognized as a Manufacturing Champion at the first ever California Champions of Manufacturing Summit. Jennifer Fabrizio, Manufacturing & Inventory Manager, along with part of the manufacturing team received the award in person. They were very excited for the opportunity and even got to take a picture with Adam Carolla who hosted the ceremony!

We’re very proud of our manufacturing team and our ability to say that many of our products are Made in the USA. Over... More

PIN PBASIC Image 1 PBASIC is an Ideal First Language in Education

The BASIC Stamp’s PBASIC syntax is an effective language for a first experience with embedded electronics. Teachers and young students need early success, especially when we combining electronics, microcontroller programming and sensors. There’s plenty of opportunity for things to go wrong with any of these pieces, so choosing a simple language only increases the chances for success.

As educators, you know that students come into a robotics class with big expecations and enthusiasm... More

Father's Day Electronics Image 2 Remember Dad on Father's Day

He taught you how to catch a ball, laughed at your jokes, and helped you with your electronics projects. Remember your dad this Father’s Day.

Equip dad’s genius and make new memories by stocking up on electronics tools for his next big project. In honor of Father’s Day Parallax is offering free USPS Priority shipping on all online orders over $75 (shipping in the United States)! Surprise dad with a delivery by Fathers Day, or wait until after the big day and let him choose. We... More

ActivityBot Video Pics 2 Making the ActivityBot

Don’t miss this dynamic video following the ActivityBot from creation to customer. The short story starts at Parallax headquarters, giving you a glimpse inside the manufacturing facility where the Propeller Activity Board is created and the robot parts are kitted. Next, the robot is received by a customer, unboxed, and assembled. You will see the ActivityBot in action, running different applications and even venturing outdoors sporting some Add-On hardware.  Finally, it is tucked back in... More