Propeller 1 Open Source Forums Thread A Week of Propeller 1 Open Source (and how what we expected to happen was different than what happened)

 A week ago Parallax made a release that some of our customers considered a surprising change for the business - we gave away the Verilog code that defines the Propeller 1 Multicore (the P8X32A). The release could potentially empower person or any company with enough financial resources to make a copy of our most valuable “intellectual property,” the first all-custom microcontroller Chip Gracey designed called Propeller 1.

What’s the relevance for most of us? The actual Verilog... More

Pick and place machine with UBER badges Propeller 1 on the DEFCON 22 Badges in Las Vegas!

Two years ago we shared a steak dinner in Washington D.C. with DEFCON’s founder, Jeff Moss and his contest leader, Ryan Clarke. At that meeting we agreed to design and manufacture DEFCON 20’s badge. Jeff put tremendous trust in Parallax for this project, which simply raised our internal motivation to get it done correctly. The only problem we envisioned at the time was the schedule - we we would start in May and the conference was scheduled for August! We did the project successfully... More

PropellerIDE Software Interview with Steve Denson, Creator of the open source PropellerIDE: An elegant Spin Programming Tool for Windows, Mac, Linux

A bit of background is helpful to understand the importance of Steve Denson’s contribution to the Propeller user community. 

Parallax supports the Propeller with two high-level languages: Spin and C, and assembly language may be mixed with both of them. Spin is the Propeller’s native language and resides in ROM. Spin is used alongside assembly language in almost all of the Propeller’s commercial products. Until now, the primary tool for programming in Spin has... More

Assembling the ELEV-8 V2 Quadcopter High School Students Customize ELEV-8 V2 Quadcopters at Parallax

Students are very interested in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) so I put a few ELEV-8s into a local high school last winter. They were enrolled in an Engineering Technology course, a not-for-credit STEM program with a 3D printer, laser cutter, CNC router, welder and computers. Most of these students had been through the Boe-Bot in the robotics track of their program. They successfully built and flew ELEV-8s and the district ordered a few more for next year. 

Spring... More

Parallax hosts a robot table at Pride Industries' Client Appreciation Day A Day Filled With PRIDE: Parallax hosts a robot table at PRIDE Industries' Client Appreciation Day

One of the nifty aspects of Parallax’s management is their encouragement to reach out to the local community and “brighten people’s day”. Within reason, we still have to do “real work” too!

Each year Parallax has had the privilege of volunteering for “Client Appreciation Day” at a company known as Pride Industries. Clients are full-blown employees of PRIDE Industries and they, along with other company staffers, produce an amazing amount of products for third-party... More