Father's Day Electronics Image 2 Remember Dad on Father's Day

He taught you how to catch a ball, laughed at your jokes, and helped you with your electronics projects. Remember your dad this Father’s Day.

Equip dad’s genius and make new memories by stocking up on electronics tools for his next big project. In honor of Father’s Day Parallax is offering free USPS Priority shipping on all online orders over $75 (shipping in the United States)! Surprise dad with a delivery by Fathers Day, or wait until after the big day and let him choose. We... More

ActivityBot Video Pics 2 Making the ActivityBot

Don’t miss this dynamic video following the ActivityBot from creation to customer. The short story starts at Parallax headquarters, giving you a glimpse inside the manufacturing facility where the Propeller Activity Board is created and the robot parts are kitted. Next, the robot is received by a customer, unboxed, and assembled. You will see the ActivityBot in action, running different applications and even venturing outdoors sporting some Add-On hardware.  Finally, it is tucked back in... More

Manufacturing Champion 2 Parallax Recognized as Manufacturing Champion

We’re thrilled to announce that Parallax is being honored as a manufacturing champion at the California Manufacturing Champions Summit, held by the California Manufacturers & Technology Association.

We’re extremely proud of our manufacturing team. They take pride in the products they produce and our quality as an American manufacturer. Manufacturing and Engineering work closely to consider manufacturing capabilities during design and eliminate potential issues. The end result... More

Component Shopping Made Simple Component Shopping Made Simple

Recently, you may have noticed some changes to the offerings in the Parallax web store. Specifically, we’ve been combining sales of individual components into component packs, including resistors, capacitors, hardware and LEDs.

You may be thinking to yourself, “Well hold your horses, Parallax! I really liked spending $0.15 on a single resistor and $0.50 on a small 4-40 screw! What’s with this component pack nonsense?”

However, dear customer, our... More

Educators now receive 15% off all Parallax purchases! Educators now receive 15% off all Parallax purchases!

We’re excited to offer this new discount to teachers. For over 20 years Parallax has been committed to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education. We’re taking our commitment a step further by discounting our entire store for educators! 

Teachers can also request free samples of our products for evaluation (though limits must apply, of course.) We understand products must be assessed before they are designed into a curriculum. We want... More