Parallax on GitHub Parallax Starts Up GitHub Open Source Repository for our Developers

Portions of this story are starting to leak through our forums in casual conversation, so I’d like to make our announcement official so our community and Parallax are fully united! 

Parallax is starting up a new GitHub Open Source Repository so we can more closely collaborate with developers who create our development tools and source code of all types. This year you’ve seen some major releases of our source code, including the Propeller 1 Verilog. We’ve also got more... More

Free WS2812B RGB LED Module with EVERY order Order online or call our Sales department and get a free WS2812B RGB LED Module with EVERY Parallax order!

As it was commanded by our fearless leader, Ken Gracey: “starting today we are putting a single RGB LED module in every single order through Christmas season. This means ANY order, even if it's for a single resistor.” 

And so we shall.

The details: Order online or call (888-512-1024; Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., PT) and place your order with our amazing Sales department.... More

On the road to the S2 class Learning the S2 Robot with Iowa Educators: Ken reports on his recent visit to train STEM teachers

Iowa is harvesting so much more than corn from America's rural heartland: engineers, inventors and enthusiastic students!

Iowa is taking STEM education seriously, and they’re doing it with Parallax! Iowa has an effective system of bringing new technology into classrooms. The Keystone Area Education Agency in Northeast Iowa evaluates technology and arranges training seminars for teachers to learn to use the tools. This week I... More

Parallax Cyclone V FPGA Development Board Parallax Cyclone V FPGA Development Board: Programming and development tool for Propeller 1 and 2

We’re nearing completion of the design phase of our Parallax Cyclone V FPGA Development Board, sending our 6-layer printed circuit board files out for fabrication on Monday. This board is a tool we need for our internal use to finish up the Propeller 2 design, but since our design process is very open and includes many contributions from the development community, the board will also available as a product. Propeller 2 early adopters and developers may choose to purchase one to get... More

Parallax Development Boards We are now hiring in our Technical Support group! Apply to join the Parallax team in Rocklin, CA.

Want to progress your electronic and programming skills with Parallax hardware, combining your hobby and profession?

We’ve got an immediate opening in our Technical Support department in Rocklin, California.

Chances are if you’re already reading this news post that you know about Parallax products from a customer’s point of view. This is a opportunity to get hands-on experience with a wide variety... More