Ventilation from laser cutter Laser Room Control System
Parallax houses two lasers in a small confined room in the warehouse. One laser has a 24 x 36" bed, while the other is a 36 x 48" monster. Both lasers are used to cut many different parts that become pieces of our kits and product offerings. Lasers produce fumes that must be extracted from the... More
Adapter PCB included Hitec Aurora Joystick and Adapter PCB
You’ll notice that Parallax doesn’t resell too many electronic accessories and components. This is because we only sell products that we agree to support on the phone and with well-written documentation. We also want our accessories to be quick to integrate into your project, which is why some accessories take a pass through our own manufacturing facility for an adapter PCB, headers and any signal/power conditioning needed to make the component easy to use. In other words, when we... More
Jessica presenting to a class in Xi-an ActivityBot Training with China RobotC in Xi'an
On a plane again…
In my position at Parallax, I often find myself on a plane to many exciting places. Just this year I’ve accumulated over 50,000 miles on my favorite airline. It is always a great pleasure to be able to travel and share my love for Parallax products with students, teachers, and distributors worldwide.
This was no exception during a recent trip to Xi’an China. This was my first time visiting northern China, as all previous... More
Code and result for very simple graphics Helpful Downloads for Two Popular Color Displays

I have created some new Propeller microcontroller code examples for two of our popular color displays, so you can get fast results.

One of my favorite displays we currently offer is the 3.2" LCD (uLCD-32PTU) Touch Screen Display from 4D Systems.  It has several command options to control the graphics, text, SD card, Sound, Touch, and direct access to the I/O buss on the display itself. Another very capable display is the... More

1st place Public Division winner David Dorhout and the Triage Training System microMedic Contest Winners Announced

The U.S. Army Medical Research & Material Command’s (USAMRMC) Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC), Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center, and Parallax Inc. teamed up to offer $28,000 in awards to inspire the next generation of medical innovation. The 2013 National microMedic contest was an opportunity to show the country what citizens could do with new technology - encouraging technical innovation with significant use of microcontrollers... More