Affected pins on the Rv C board Small Design Flaw on Propeller Project Board Revision C: Our mistake - your opportunity!

Discounted Rev C boards have sold out.

We’re really embarrassed today at Parallax considering you waited a long time for us to bring this board back in stock. Late last month we started shipping Propeller Project Board Revision C. Unfortunately, these boards have a small error: one of the three banks of ground pins (the 9 lower pins on the right edge of the board, marked GND) are not connected to the ground plane as they... More

Keynote presentation “00001010 Microcontroller Projects in 00010100 Minutes” Zillah Robot Challenge Final Roundup: 200 students compete in an all-out programming challenge with the Boe-Bot robot

Last weekend I traveled to Washington for the Zillah Robot Challenge ( where I was invited to provide the keynote presentation for a very popular Boe-Bot “one-design” style of competition. Autonomous robot competitions have every single bit of excitement as the large, radio-controlled fundraising competitions. But there’s a really important difference - every student... More

Boe-Bot Robot Kit Which Parallax robot to buy as a gift? It is easy to choose when you read Ken's guide!

This time of year we receive many inquiries about which robot to buy as a gift. Since we’re running a short “25% off all robots” sale through December 1, 2014, I thought I’d try to answer that question for all robot gift-givers. After all, a newcomer to the Parallax web site could be confused about the assortment of electronic technology we create. This is because our customer base ranges from students who plan to build their first robot, to engineering customers who design our... More

S2 robots stacked high Truckee STEAM Exposition fueled by Rotary Club donation of 100 Parallax Scribbler 2 and Boe-Bot robots

Truckee is a small mountain community in Northern California. The Tahoe Truckee Unified School District is the place where I spend my volunteer efforts. Parallax and the Rotary Club of Truckee recently joined forces for the local Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) Exposition.

The Rotary Club of Truckee runs an annual STEAM Exposition in my community. At this Expo you can hold a brain, learn how to design a video game, meet the... More

Parallax on GitHub Parallax Starts Up GitHub Open Source Repository for our Developers

Portions of this story are starting to leak through our forums in casual conversation, so I’d like to make our announcement official so our community and Parallax are fully united! 

Parallax is starting up a new GitHub Open Source Repository so we can more closely collaborate with developers who create our development tools and source code of all types. This year you’ve seen some major releases of our source code, including the Propeller 1 Verilog. We’ve also got more... More